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LCD Spacer Adhesive Type
Adhesive Spacer that settles in place, is suitable for mobile device application..
A Spacer with a highly adhesive surface will not move around in the LCD cell gap, which avoids scratching of alignment layers and uneven cell gap spacing. This grade is recommended for use in more rugged LCD applications, like portable telephones or car navigation system.

Available Grades
Dry Spraying
Semi-dry Spraying
Prevention of spacer moving by adhesion.
For mobile devices such as Car Navigator and Portable Telephone
For plastic substrates
Heating will develop a strong adhesion of spacer.The adhesive surface layer of the particle will not cause any leak and dilute the LC or contaminate the liquid crystal.This spacer has been specially developed for vibration-proof and impact-proof devices.
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Various precision, color and surface treatment is available on clients' requirements.

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